Monday, July 6, 2015

First Moon Time Book

"Walking the Moon Path"
As I mentioned previously, last year I made a book for Sophie about moon time. We read this when we have our red teepee time or she has questions. This book looks at the whole life cycle of a woman and situates the first moon time in the larger context of her life. I tried to pull from all my learning over the years, my favorite artwork and some great books about indigenous women. I thought I would share some of the pages with you occasionally. This is the Cover and below is the opening blessing. What are you doing for girls entering this phase of life? What resources would you recommend?

" As you take you place, in a linking of arms going back to when the first woman fell to the sky, her arms still outreached to mother moon, we come together cleansed by the burning of sage and with thanks in our heart to the creator, spirits and our ancestors. As you walk your path of womanhood, do not forget your connection to this earth, your great power of creation as a woman nor the beauty that resides in you."

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