Monday, July 20, 2015

Moon time - when life is not black and white

Our red teepee
Sophie phoned me at work last week, needing to talk as she wanted to know if her first moon time had come. I have to admit that I thought this would be a more binary discussion than it was.  I was very glad that I had done lots of planning already and was able to set out our special activities for the days.  In the way of our family, it did not go totally as planned.  The first ceremonial dress I made was too small as she had grown enormously in the last six months.  I put together a tent for us to sit in, and we did a smudge, prayers and some learning time, but then everyone wanted a break.  So, seclusion was not quite as I envisioned.  We came back to the tent later and I hope to do more over the next month and spread out the teachings.  It was not what I planned, but it was a special time together as women.  Even if the tent is made of sheets and not as glorious as in my mind.

I was really glad to have the book I made because even thought I felt very rushed in pulling things together, I had something written down to work from with the wisdom of a lot of Elders brought together.  And while this process did not unfold the way I wanted it too, taking more time will allow us time to think on the lessons a little bit more.  Maybe it is better this way.  The path to womanhood is not a clear moment when you move from child to woman.  Maybe it is just starting the traditions of coming together around moon time to learn and listen. What do you think?

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