Thursday, April 7, 2016


Yesterday Sophie found out that she did not get into the middle school she wanted.  She was very upset.  Runa got a bit frustrated with her and left to build a fort in the yard.  When I got home we settled on a tipi with a bridge over the "river".  I thought it turned out pretty good for our first tipi.  Runa wanted me to make her a Métis costume, you know those girls with the short tops and fringed skirts?  I could just imagined the faces of the ancestors if they saw somebody dressed like that.  Once we talk a bit more maybe we can work on a more traditional metis costume.  This morning she was pretty pleased about the tipi still, telling her dad about how people would load up the dogs with the tipis to move.  Our small beagle looked worried, although a tipi this size might be reasonable for him.  This was actually a good project as we worked out the mechanics of where to put the poles and the relative dimension of the outside to the inside.  Runa was disappointed that we had no hides so it will not be water proof.  Being urban metis you gotta work with what you can catch and it will take a lot of squirrels and hipsters to cover a tipi.

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