Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Louvre, tiny houses and the abominable snowman

A bit of a round up today

Visit to the Louvre XXXVIII, oil, 60 x Walt Wooten   kK: Came across this picture by the artist Walt Wooten which is part of a series about the 1845 visit of George Catlin to the Louvre with a number of Ojibway Indians.  This painting was my favorite.  I love how the man blends in with the picture but is totally apart at the same time.  I love his lack of care in front of this powerful symbol of western religion and the juxtaposition of the prone Jesus to the upright carriage and eye contact of the Man.  It is a powerful moment to think of what this experience would have been like for this Ojibway man so far from home.  How strange these stories would have been to him.  I love that about my kids.  This "canon" is story to them, not truths they need to work through.  Eating the flesh, even symbolically, of some guy and drinking his blood?  Totally not "savage".

I really enjoyed this Buzzfeed article where they worked with Trans people to do a photo shoot of their idols.  It made me think about who I would pick as an idol.

I have been watching the tiny house shows with the girls and I enjoyed this analysis of the class and race privilege within this movement.  It has given me some new questions to raise as we watch these shows.
Not Cool Wall Tapestry

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