Friday, October 28, 2016

Nanabush steals my words

I have been having a hard time settling myself down to write these past few weeks.  It is just so easy to sit and let it all pass by.  We had our first snow last night and Runa asked to get out our book "Last Leaf, First Snowflake to Fall" by Leo Yerxa. We read this book each year and take a moment to talk about the changes in the seasons and our lives.  I reviewed this book a couple of years ago in this post.  She brought up a bunch of candles and got the table cleared and it did my heart good to see her leading us in this tradition.  Sometimes I try to mark these moments and it doesn't happen, so having someone else put some energy into it is very much appreciated.

We made it out to the Lodge this week to share dinner and decorate a pumpkin.  Runa was not too into it so Joel and I took sides of a pumpkin.  I tried for a cool raven and ended up with a weird looking fellow.  I liked Joel's version better (right).
We having been watching a lot of "Russell Howard's Good News", you can find full episodes on youtube.  I am being struck by how much he talks about his family and shares their views.  He is not a person created for consumption, but comes across as very genuine.  He also spends a lot of time acting out very sill things like how a duck would feel about a reach around (he is pretty crude), but he is not sexist, racist, ablest or homophobic and outside of those constraints it is a lot of dick jokes.  As I was realizing how many times he has acted out a scenario like the duck I thought that maybe what was attractive in his humor was the spirit of Nanabush.  He takes sort of naughty pleasure in pushing buttons and causing trouble, but keeps it within certain constraints of looking after each other and being in community.

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