Friday, February 24, 2017

Reflections Part 3

I had a look back at my postings from April 2015.  Here are the highlights for me
  • We need a book about decolonization for children.  I imagined one and shared my first discussion on this issue with my children.
  • I was blessed to receive some story medicine from a worm.
  • I first experienced the writing of Richard Wagamese and felt the power of his story medicine.
  • I struggled with my anger and tried to understand why rap speaks to me.
  • I took on the fear of "going Indian" and worked through this issue for my family.  With all the reading I have done in the past few years and my experiences in Indigenous spaces, it is not Indigenous people who are cautioning you about "Going Indian".  These words appear to be coming most often from non-indigenous people who are concerned with policing the borders of identity.  I see these words as being more about their own fears than anything to do with me or my family.  However, that is not to undermine the importance of respect in claiming identity and being willing to deal with difficult questions that might come up along the way.  I had to do this when I stopped listing Cree in my identity after we learned more about the family history.

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