Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Spring fashions for Wolf

A couple of news stories that caught my interest in the last week.

Bison go home to Banff National park.  The article notes that it has been over a hundred year since there were buffalo there.  It makes me think of the Louis Riel quote about his people arising in 100 years.

I also enjoyed this article about the need for more canoe storage for indigenous kids.  You gotta keep your priorities straight right?

I thought this article about the uneven application of the tax exemptions for status people at some makeup stories interesting as it showed indigenous people doing "normal stuff" and how that interacts with their indigenous realities.  I liked how they sent in the secret shopper. 

Personally, I feel stuck in the grips of winter and a bit lost about how to help my family and get us healthy.  It really struck me reading the letter from the psychiatrist where he diagnosed Runa with depression as well as anxiety.  Our whole family has depression and anxiety.  How do we support each other and live as well as we can?  Pondering that one.

But both kids got to school for the first time in a long time, so there is a little reason to celebrate.  I also got some new pens and created this drawing of wolf howling and waiting for spring.

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