Tuesday, April 4, 2017

New voices

I was digging around on Red Rising Magazine and wanted to share a couple of things that struck me.

Tree by Jackie Traverse
"Red Waters" by Yollanda Bonnell which begins with the line

"There are those days when I open my eyes and I don’t feel as red as I ought to.
I don’t feel as human as I ought to.
I don’t feel as alive as I ought to."

"Filling up Empty" by Autumn Bernhardt which ends with the words

"Office tigers hoping side gigs will take us on the Red Road"

"The Invisible Indian" by Shelley Lisk engaging on the dialogue about "authentic Indians"

A short meditation on "Land as Healer, Land as Helper" by Tabitha Martens.

Nanaskomowin to all those who share their talents.  You inspire all of us to keep creating and keep the dialogue going. 

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