Friday, September 23, 2016

Learning from the plants

I have the pleasure of walking past a rose bush every morning with the most beautiful pinkish orange blossoms.  I learn a lot from this plant.  Some years it is cut down to nothing, but it always grows back and by the fall is full of lush blooms.  We watch these blooms, hoping for one more day before a hard frost to enjoy this plant.  Even once frozen the blossoms have their own kind of beauty.  The growth and death of this plant marks the changing seasons.  The hope of renewal.  The beauty in the fragile things.  As I pass the plant I am aware of how it has changed since the last time I took this path and how I have changed, or failed to change.  Once in a rare time, a bloom has fallen and we can take it home with us to enjoy for a little longer.
I also wanted to share this colouring journal I purchased with you.  On one side it has a picture to colour of one of the relations and on the other side are some questions about how we relate the this relation.  The one about Mooshum Sun asked us to think about the role the sun plays in our lives and how we feel when there is less sun in the winter.  It worked really well for a circle time discussion.  It was nice to have some discussion questions ready to go for circle time.

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