Monday, September 26, 2016

Trickster Metaphors

I recently finished "Culture and Language: The Political Realities to Keep Trickster at Bay" by Stephen Greymorning. This piece couldn't quite find it's place.  The title and ultimate argument of this article, that language is really really important in keeping our culture, was lost in the meat of the article which focused on all the ways culture was taken.  Now there were some interesting facts in this part of the text, but I found myself lost in the facts and I am not convinced that they really helped him articulate his point of view.  Greymorning spends a little time discussing the important of language as a means of preserving worldview and the rate of decline of languages.  The use of Raven to tell this story is dropped in the middle section or the article and returns only briefly at the end.  It was an interesting idea that did not quite work.

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