Monday, September 12, 2016

Panic, the nature of god and rocks

(Sky woman by JB Thomas):
Sky woman by JB Thomas
Tansi, had a hard couple of days with one child having a panic attack on Friday morning and having a comatose and very depressed Joel on Sunday.  He only got out of bed at 5 pm.  Better than the times he sleeps right through, but still I find these days hard.  He is so negative.  I got out for a while and did some shopping.  Why is that such a soothing activity?  Trying not to fall fully into old patterns and just start eating.

Had some interesting discussions about religion with my older daughter.  In particular she is thinking about whether there is a god and if there is, where did they come from and how do they manifest.  This proved a good opportunity to retell the story of when sky woman fell and how the animals helped her out.  She wasn't sure if that was how the world began, but we suggested that maybe there were different kinds of truth and that there is not going to be scientific proof about the nature of or existence of god(s).  She was skeptical.

Runa spent some time in a tree with a friend and got mad at her friend for not respecting the tree.  Those moment make my heart proud.  I see the little Métis child in between the video games.  I also got the chance to empty my purse of all the rocks she collects.  It really is a good lesson to remember how much we can change things by making little changes every day.  I am trying to remember that, just to do a few little things each day.  I think by the time she is grown she will have brought all of the rocks in the neighborhood to our front door.  She sure loves those rocks.  Hai Hai

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