Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Drum Medicine

The back of Runa's Drum
We went to learn how to make drums yesterday at the Kumik Lodge.  The girls had a great time and we all learned a lot.  There was a Kookum there who shared some teachings of the turtle and we had a great time spending the extra hours together.  It is a blessing to see them working with and learning from the Elders.  We were able to color the drums and Runa went blue while Sophie went red.

The front of Runa's Drum
They were pleased to see that the dye made patterns of a teepee.  We practiced weaving and tying.
The back of Sophie's Drum
We have promised to go to the drumming circle on Thursday to inaugurate the drums.
The front of Sophie's drum
They need a couple of days to dry before we can use them and we still need to make our drum sticks.  The instructor gave us the supplies and challenged us to figure out how to make them.  I suspect it involves sewing leather which is somehow very satisfying while also hard on the hands.  Runa had lots of ideas about how this could happen.  It was wonderful to spend the afternoon with a group of women working on learning something together.  Runa wanted to know if you could eat the lacings.  The instructor had not ever thought about that.  So everyone learned something.  Miigwich.

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