Monday, February 29, 2016

This week's circle

This weekend in circle we were inspired by Louie Gong's "Identity Doodles" and each person was given puzzle pieces to write/draw things about their identity and then we put these together to form a collage of our family.  I was interested to see the overlaps and connections between people.  The girls really enjoyed doing this and it was good to think about all the things we are.

Our story came from "A Book of Tricksters" by Jon Stott.  This is a collection of trickster stories from around the globe.  We started with a Nanabozo story where he tricks Coyote who tricks him right back.  It was a good length to read aloud.  I am interested to see how this book works as a comparison piece.  What are you doing in circle?  Share your good ideas. 

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