Monday, February 1, 2016


Rabbit's Snow DanceWe had a very Canadian weekend out for the winter festival.  We saw sled dogs and cour de bois playing fiddles and lots of maple syrup. The girls went zip lining and down the very big snow slides.  We met a boy named Rune and stood in a lot of lines.

For our circle time we read "Rabbit's Snow Dance" by James and Joseph Bruchac.  The story is about how the rabbit learns patience and loses his long beautiful tail.  The story on patience was well needed at our house.  The girls liked the song parts of the book and the animals in the story.  It was a good length and while the art style is not to my taste, overall the family seemed to enjoy this book.  After reading, Runa led us to make jewelry with the ancestors - she really likes to leave the circle open while we do our craft or game.  Joel made me a lovely bracelet, while Sophie made me a necklace and beaded my hair.  I made a bracelet that said "nanaskomowin" (grateful in Cree).  I felt very blessed, that people wanted to make me things, that Sophie was happy (her higher dose of drugs seems to be working) and that Runa is such a good leader, getting everyone organized to do an activity.  We also had lots of fart jokes for the ancestors and spirit world so it was a pretty well rounded circle time.

I am off to Kumik later today to learn how to make a birch bark basket. 

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