Friday, January 29, 2016

Integrity Buffalo

Spirit of Gentle Strength
"Spirit of Gentle Strength" by Barbara Cote
Was trying to post a picture of the integrity buffalo that I drew but my phone isn't working right.  Sometimes when I am in a meeting one word gets caught in my head and twined up with my drawing.  Anyway, integrity buffalo makes sense as buffalo is respect in the seven teachings.
I am doing a job interview today and that always makes me kind of anxious waiting.  On the good side, after a horrible evening of children the night before last, everyone was calm and nice last night, so I got to have some wind down time and get mellow.  This is my first out interview as a declared Metis person.  I have my tobacco to lay down and wore all my best gear, my Tammy Beauvais dress, my silver humming bird ring, a lovely blue sealskin bracelet and some great beaded turtle earrings.  I feel like I have my armor on.

Made an order from the Silver Moccasin and was enjoying poking around their shop.  They also seem to have free shipping and they are Canadian.

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