Thursday, January 7, 2016

In defence of things that don't need defence

I think it is probably a left over idea about protestant work ethic but sometimes I get down on myself for the amount of time I spent playing clicky computer games and in thinking about this, I was struck by all the teachings that can come out of these simple activities which may appear useless on the surface. 

In particular, I have lately been re-obsessed with Bejeweled Poker where you try to get hands of matching colors.  While simple, these is a certain amount of strategy in planning how things falls.  More than that I learnt a lot.
  • Sometimes the board looks awesome and doesn't deliver.  Sometimes it looks awful and does.  Looks can be deceiving and worrying about it either way doesn't do any good.
  • Sometimes you have a very clear plan and the fall of new shapes destroys it.  You can strategize, but you also need to have a back up plan.
  • Sometimes you can have runs of amazing luck and it is tempting to get sloppy cause you are that awesome.  Sloppy play can ruin even good luck.
  • Sometimes if I play when I am very tired the game becomes very hard.  Sometimes you need to go to bed and come back to your tasks when you are more rested.
  • Often I play better when I let my intuition guide me.  Listen to those little inside voices.
  • Often I play to distract myself from other things that are worrying me.  Sometimes the answers come when I don't look at them and give them space.
  • Sometimes a game is just a game and that is ok. 
So what is your guilty pleasure?

I also had some links I wanted to share.

The first is a piece about appropriation of culture by a fashion house and commoditization of indigenaity.

A piece about Native Max an indigenous fashion magazine.  I have been meaning to investigate this one for a while.

This coverage of the addition of a trigger warning to the government web sight for the inquiry into missing and murdered women.

Share what you are discovering and enjoy your guilty please today.

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