Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Inspirations and a financially prudent turtle

Last night the girls and I read "Ancient Thunder" by Leo Yerxa.  This book won the Governor General's Award and is by the same author as the "Last Leaf First Snow to Fall" that I reviewed earlier. Ancient Thunder is a beautiful book with horses displayed across the background of traditional clothing.  However unlike the Last Leaf book, there was not that much to talk about from the story, so I feel like it did not really engage the children.  We talked a bit about the animals and why certain shapes might have been used in the drawings but that was about it.  There was one Ojibwa word on the first page, but that was a one off.  If you want pretty pictures, this is a great book, if you want to have a discussion around a book this one may not inspire.
Financially prudent turtle
If you are looking for some inspiration how about this little girl who is collecting books with main characters that look like her or Dahkota Kicking Bear Brown who is 16 and working to address systematic racism and encourage native education?  Or how about you let researchers tell you what you already knew that animals, and in this case bison who it turns out are pretty egalitarian? Or maybe you want to engage in the ongoing discussion about white privilege?  Might as well, it is always timely.  If so you might enjoy the new Mackelmore song of the same name.  So very excited about this new album.  What are you going to do to inspire yourself today?

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