Monday, January 11, 2016

Moose teeth all the way

This drawing is inspired heavily from the book "Ojibway Animals" by Jason Adair that I picked up at the Art gallery.  While Ojibway is probably the most prevalent of our various types of indigenous background, I hadn't done much exploring there for some reason.  This book inspired me to think about that part of our culture a bit more.  I was struck to by the similarities of this art style to the west coast styles of animals.  I really like the pictures in this book and the colors were very inspiring. It is a baby book and would be fun to share with a little person as well.  I think I will try to create a fabric piece using this inspiration.  I guess I just got caught up in plains styles.  Moose teeth all the way.

Have been reading lately and find myself a bit surprised by the mix of celebrity gossip and moments of thoughtfulness.  I wanted to share this article on body positive/feminist social media personalities to follow.  I liked this one where plus sized women shared their most body positive picture of the year. I was thinking of this article as I was at the pool in my bikini not feeling too bad about myself. I also enjoyed this article talking about plus size privilege.  Always gotta check the privilege.  I have also found a number of new to me plus sized stores through browsing their articles.  I guess there is a teaching there.  We are all made up of moments of the sublime in between gossip and everyday worries.

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