Monday, November 21, 2016

Happy Belated Louie Riel Day

I decided to wear my sash to work for Louie Riel Day.  The kitten found this highly relevant to his interests.  I brought in my 1885 Rebellion Flag, the book of participants and doughnuts.  This lead to some conversations with folks about Louie Riel. 
It was the last day of school for both the children, so it was weird.  I know this is the best step for our family right now but I also get anxious about breaking the rules.  Last night at the Parent teacher interview they told us that it was school policy in the Catholic System to not let the parents have contact with the teachers.  Especially having a child with special needs and the legacy of residential schools in our family this information really cemented that our choice to pull Sophie out was the right one.  We did not know it was the policy of the whole board and I wish we had know before we started out there.  I am not willing to hand my child over to someone no questions asked.  So today we start on a new phase of life.  It will be interesting.

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