Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Urban Hunting

Had some exciting urban hunting these past few weeks as the food this year has been plentiful for the albino deer and moose.  I have been able to observe a number of these majestic creatures in their natural shop window habitats.
I spotted this moose casually strolling through a candle forest.  Note how its silver shimmer helps it to camouflage into the Christmas chaos that surrounds this peaceful forest.  When hunting this kind of moose, a nice plaid blanket, casually laid to one side acts as an irresistible lure.

This majestic stag was showing off for a beautiful doe just behind me.  Their beautiful courting dance plays out each night as the mall closes watched over by a number of lonely giant whales who hang out over the liquor shop.  The meat on an mall deer can be tough so you will want a thoughtful marinade to bring out the flavors of plastic and despair.

These dwarf moose were captured using the aforementioned plain blanket trick combined with a complementary plank of weathered barn wood balanced nearby.  I also captured a number of hipsters this way, but I released them back into the wild.  I with you good luck with your urban hunting.

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