Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Winter Traditions and Holidays Part 1

For many years I have tried to bring many winter traditions and holidays into our families December celebrations.  I have done this to help us understand where our traditions come from, to build a feeling of the continuity of celebrations to recognize the darkest nights and to build awareness that Christmas can cover other traditions that those around us are celebrating.  I implement this through remembrances and discussions throughout December about how people at other times, in other places and those with other beliefs have and continue to celebrate.  I pull all of these discussion together into a teaching for Christmas Eve.

This year, inspired by all the adult Advent Calendars available, I created a holiday and traditions calendar for my office with one pagers for each day.  I am going to use these write ups and learning prompts with the children who we are now home schooling.  I thought I would share this information here as well.  For the most part this information is from Wikipedia.  I have simplified things so that things are simple and that closely linked ideas are together.  Hope you enjoy them.  I will share my Christmas Eve teaching later as well.

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