Friday, November 4, 2016

Some links to indigenous writing

Finished "Motorcycles and Sweet Grass" by Drew Hayden Taylor.  I really enjoyed parts of this book.  The middle lost me for a while, but it was fun to dip into the Anishnabe world.

A couple of references you might want to check out

First American Art Magazine which covers native art with the vision to "... a world with Indigenous cultural sovereignty. We achieve this by articulating and popularizing Indigenous critical theory in ways accessible to Native communities as well as the non-Native art world."

Native Peoples Magazine which I really liked for the beautiful picture, "We provide a respected, consistent and reliable voice for all Native peoples, and a unique, proven vehicle for advertisers trying to reach Natives Americans and those interested in Native American people, cultures and issues. We have created a unique publishing niche bridging the gap between the historical traditions and contemporary Native identities."

Muskrat Magazine which is Canadian coverage of indigenous arts.

Anishinabeck news for news of the Anishinabeck nation

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