Monday, March 21, 2016

Failure (ᑲ ᓵᑯᒋᐦᐃᑯᕁ ka) sâkocihikohk

I am still researching failure this week.  Interesting reading around resilience, risk management and disaster planning.  Trying to capture what is required to respond successfully to failures.  Pulling bits and pieces from a number of disciplines and having lots of fun. 

For circle this week, we read the Brier Rabbit story from "A Book of Tricksters" by Jon Stott.  Joel was not impressed with this telling of the story.  The story itself nicely parallels the Nanabozo story in the same volume, where the trickster himself becomes the tricked.  Didn't get a lot of conversation out of the children, but overall they were pretty squirmy so I was not too surprised.  I had to stop them from smudging each other's bottoms. 

I am reading "100 Million Years of Food" by Stephen Le, exploring the history of food and evolution.  It is more chatty than I prefer but it is well paced and interesting. What are you feeding your mind with today?

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