Friday, March 18, 2016

Teeth and leather

The buffalo tooth I ordered from Beaded Dreams in Ottawa came yesterday along with a treasure box of pretty beads.  If you are looking for beads you should check them out.  The box also came hand painted with a medicine wheel.  Runa and I collaborated on making this necklace with the tooth.  Once we were going with the beads I started playing with leather and came up with the bracelet. I so enjoy working with the natural things when we create.  There is so much beauty inherent in these gifts from the maker.  This morning, I also got a call back for a job I applied for.  I took time to calm down before I called them, smelled my tobacco, conferred with brother rock and listened to some wisdom from the Winnipeg Boyz.  It still amazes me how these small changes in how I react to things helps me to be something more as a person.

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