Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Niskipisim (Goose moon or March)

Niskipisim didn't start they way I planned.  Sophie projectile vomited through the night and Runa refused to go to school as one of the girls there is being mean to another girl.  On one hand I am proud of her.  She knew that this behavior was wrong and wanted to respond to that.  However, school avoidance may not have been the best way.  It was a hard morning with lots of crying and hurt feelings.  I try to think of all the sick children the grandmothers nursed over the years and of all the many days they spend getting children ready for school and it puts it in perspective.  I didn't mean to, but I showed up to school in moccasins, an Inuit necklace, bear earrings and carrying a story of Nanabush that we wrote as a family.  It struck me how much our lives have come towards the good red road in the past few years.

Last night, Sophie asked me if it was ok that she did not believe in the sacred circle.  A part of me wants her to believe what I believe and to get the same comfort from it that I do, but it is her path and she needs to walk it in her own way.  At least she knows about the sacred circle and the teachings of her ancestors on that side and if she chooses a different path it is with that knowledge and not in ignorance.  Growing up is a challenge for all of us as we change. 

We are awaiting a major snow storm and it seems fitting after today.  I feel like our little family needs to hide away for a day and find a balance again.  What are you going to work towards during goose moon?

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