Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Nanaskomowin (gratitude) and sitting with the Kookums

Les petits problèmes des monstres célèbres:
Les petits problèmes des monstres célèbres

I am still kind of sad about the cat and life a bit.  Just normal stuff.  Trying to be gentle with myself and not get caught up in chastising myself for all the things I should be doing but I am not right now.  Shame has never brought me rewards.  I will be kind. 
Been trying to sit with the Kookums and my nana specifically listening and being.  I remember that she lost a cat that she loved so much that her husband wouldn't let her get another cat so she didn't have to live thought that loss again.  Lots of lessons from her.  She had huge anxiety issues, if you were late a minute you were dead in a ditch and she would start planning your funeral.  Despite this she went back to get her degree after her children were born and got her teaching certificate.  Her words were always "Take a bath and it will look better in the morning."  How much of her life did she get through with that simple advice?  I find myself saying that to Sophie a lot.  Sleep and light bring wisdom to a lot of situations.  What wisdom have the Kookums shared with you?

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