Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Octopus bag

I haven't been really inspired to read or write the past few weeks and as I thought about it, a lot happened.  All were a little things, but it adds up you know?  I had sick kids, was identified as pre-diabetic, had the toilet, shower and computer break, had sad kids.  Had life really.  I was getting cross on myself for not doing more, but that is lots.  I am going to be gentle with myself. 

Sophie is finishing at her elementary school this year, so I want to do an octopus bag for her graduation outfit.  This is the design we came up with for the one side.  She want an octopus on the other side, but I am not sure I will get two sides beaded in time.  I hadn't beaded in a couple of months as my hand has been bothering me, so I felt very tentative starting out again.  Hopefully I can find that place of balance where the beads just flow out.  What are you working on?  How are you being gentle to yourself?

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