Monday, May 16, 2016

Cleaning up

I am cleaning off my camera and found some older images I thought I could share.  We had a quiet weekend.  I meant to do circle but didn't get around to it.  However we did make time to visit two older friends.  I am so glad that the children have these people in their lives.  We also watched lots of documentaries about mummies which was a return to the past when Sophie was obsessed with ancient Egypt.  I came across this clothing store called Smart Glamour and really appreciated that they had models of different sizes and abilities.  It is nice to see more fulsome inclusion.
I also found this article comparing the prison system to the residential schools interesting.  On a final note, Chelsea Vowel from âpihtawikosisân announced that her book will be available in the Fall.  Her blog articles are always thoughtful so I am looking forward to her book. 

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