Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Kumik visit and teachings of the black horse

Went over to Kumik today and took the footstool I made on the weekend.  My deer looks a little slow, but I like how Nanabush and the ducks turned out.  I was really happy to be able to make something for the lodge.  It is such a special place.  The Elder Kenny Awasis is still visiting and he shared some teachings of the black horse as well as a related song.  It was very powerful and you could feel the drum through your whole body.  He had also invited some men he met and they shared songs as well.  There was a young man with them who was amazing who shared a song for the youth that he composed.  I still feel the drum resonating through me.  It got me thinking about some issues Runa is facing and that I have ceremony that I can use to help her and help her find solutions and support.  She doesn't respond to talking but she usually responds to ceremony. 

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