Monday, August 17, 2015

Back to normal

After a few intense weeks at work with absences due to illness and vacation, things should start to get back to normal which should leave me with more energy to get to my posts at the end of the day.  I was very happy to get a chance to meet with an Elder again last week.  I wanted to talk to her about Sophie's moon time and how I could guide her through this period.  The Elder was very helpful and most of what she told me was very similar to that in the Kim Anderson book on the life stages of women.  Even more than that, I came away with a sense of acceptance.  So much of my learning has been by books and learning just enough to keep ahead of what I am teaching that I feel a little lost sometimes.  But the Elder expressed her happiness that we are trying to learn, the teachings, the medicines, the skills and the language and seemed less worried that it was chaotic.  That acceptance meant a lot.  While, I might fall off the path I am trying to follow some days, I am on a good path.  A good red path.  That is some peace for me.

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