Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Inhabiting your body

Brain MakerI recently finished reading "Brain maker" by David Perlmutter.  Noting reservations about medical research and the journal process, I found this book very interesting.  I haven't ever spent a lot of time thinking about my microbes, but this book make a lot of sense in the story of the circle.  I am trying to see myself holistically in a way that includes all these parts and tries to understand how they all fit together.  I find myself so often falling into the Cartesian duality and while I am working to translate my life in terms of the sacred circle I end up paying attention to the big parts of my physical existence and forgetting all those little spaces.  This book was a good investigation into one of those little spaces.  As the Elder I met recently said his Kookum always told him to pay attention to the ants.  This book was an interesting look at the ants.

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