Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Making things Porch Edition

Runa set us up on the porch to craft over the weekend.  I love working with her and watching her creative process.  Above is the last touch on Sophie's dress.  I added the elk teeth I got at the Powwow, one to each side under the gears.  I also got myself together to finish the hemming so it is finally done.  I learned a lot making this dress and doing the research for it. 

Below is some bark and leather that I was playing with to make earrings.  I encountered a number of technical issues, but it was fun to work with these materials and learn some more about them.  I also finally had a try at a necklace I have long admired of a cat with a ball of string.  I did one version using a plastic base and one in cardboard.  I especially liked how the ball of yarn turned out with the variegated yarn.

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