Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lessons from the Trees

While we were at Powwow this year we got to try cedar tea and since we liked it I decided to make some at home.  Once I started looking around our neighborhood I was amazed about how much cedar I could find. I decided to harvest from a tree that comes over into our yard.  As the branch was high I brought a close hanger to help bring it closer, but that did not work so I was left trying to whack the branch. 

I was starting to get frustrated and ready to give up when I noticed that the ground was littered with bits of cedar that had come off in a wind storm.  Collecting those I was able to get enough tea.  Once I started looking for these I was amazed how many there were.  So many I had just walked over while my focus was on the big tree in front of me.  While I enjoyed my cedar tea the next day, I think I enjoyed what I learned collecting it even more.  What else am I overlooking while trying to get to the big thing?

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