Monday, August 24, 2015

September was crying month

I was really inspired by this shirt and the message to remember that September was crying month for many people on Turtle Island.
First Nations refer to September as "crying month" it being the month children were removed from their homes.  “I finally get it, that the feeling of worthlessness and insignificance, ingrained in me from my first day at the mission, affected the way I lived my life for many years. Even now, when I know nothing could be further than the truth, I still sometimes feel that I don't matter. Even with all the work I've done!” Please wear an Orange shirt on September 30th to promote reconciliation.

I decided to make everyone in the family a version of this t-shirt to remind us of the two sided nature of education for indigenous people which I discussed in this post.  I traced Runa's foot and began to paint.  I really love to work with the fabric paints as it gives an almost chalk affect.  I drew a different animal for each family member and in the design of each on I included the names of family members who went to residential schools.  These names are broken up and sideways or upside down. 

These last two paintings were done last year.  I was playing with a funeral scene but I did not get the dimensions of the coffin quite right. I really like the colors in this piece so I am using it as part of the shirt I finish for Joel.  I wish I could draw better, but we have to work with what we have right?

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