Monday, August 31, 2015


Things are still not back to normal.  Maybe with the start of school?  I have been doing lots of reading, but not finishing anything.  I have a bunch of projects underway, but nothing to show yet.  I did finish painting my shoes.  I had been wanting to do a pair for a long time and I was quite happy how my ravens turned out. 
I am trying to figure out a not quite teen.  Trying to help my other child a non reader to be set up for a good school year.  There is so much I want to do and the time seems limited.  Until I stop and think about how much media I consume and maybe it is not a question of time but one of focus and priority. 
I am trying to live in my circle and make that real.  To forgive myself when I don't and let go of all my anger at myself for past failures.  I went gathering a brought home cedar and dandelions.  It felt good to look at my neighborhood through another lens and see the abundance around me.  I held a baby and was amazed by how strong and smart such a little person is.  I have thought about turtles and how they survive on land and water.  The advantages and disadvantages of the shell.  I thought about my cat who does not know she is cat and does dog stuff cause she sees that around her.  Am I doing dog stuff sometimes?  Do I need to do more?  I have been trying to watch Kookum moon and slow down a little to be aware of her in my life.  Maybe randomness is not so bad sometimes.

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