Monday, May 11, 2015

A thousand tiny challenges

I am not a patient person.  I like things to be fast.  I like them to be easy.  With my learning disabilities things get backwards and upside down and wrong very easily.  That is why I am not quite sure why I am still beading.  It is not easy or fast or for the impatient.

I started last spring from a book wanting to reclaim this little part of being metis.  Each bead is a little challenge to me.  I can do things the faster way, the way that might not work or the slower more methodical way.  Each bead I must make this choice again and those thousands of choices add up to the finished piece.

I like feeling the echo of all my kookums.  Wishing they were there to teach me.  I keep going as it all feels like a puzzle that I can just figure out if I keep at it.  I enjoy working with the colours and the leather or cloth.  I like to think of all those women who made things 150 years ago that I now Pin onto my boards.  I like how their work continues to live and inspire.

I like that I can make beautiful things for my family. I like to feel each of those little balls roll in between my fingers - they are a whole world and a moment in one.  I like that this activity challenges me.  I like that I create something real when my job is all theoretical.

What challenges and delights you?

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