Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sophie's dress now with more gears and tiny buffallo

The long weekend gave us lots of time to fabricate and I got the top of Sophie's dress done, until the cat helped and pulled out some beading.  How did the dresses with whole tops stitched like this last?  The first picture is the left arm detail.  The design is freehand but I used the same overall shape and colours as on the other arm.  On the weekend we also found some gears, so we added them on the front to match the one Sophie painted on the back.
As I mentioned in Tuesday's post, Runa added her own details with a portrait of her and Sophie.  She worked very hard to make this nice for her sister and I felt it was important for her to contribute to this dress as well.

I also got to work on the skirt where I am building up a teepee with a hummingbird, a deer and a tiny  - not sure why he is so tiny.  Maybe it is a new species of urban buffalo?  I was happy with how these turned out.  I had been planning to add more painting to the skirt, but I think I will leave it as it is for now and add more details later as appropriate to her life.

And my big work for the weekend was the fringe section at the bust line.  I built this up with silver infinity charms, gold painted bamboo sticks, jingles, shells and two beads that look a bit like teeth.  Over the row I brought in some smaller blue beads and did small flowers over the jingles.  I will take some close up pictures.

I am almost ready to sew this together and I am just debating how to handle the bottom of the skirt.  I have learned so much working on this project about how the different materials handle and respect for all the work of women before me.  I will post pictures when the dress is done.

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