Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Reading together. Spears are awesome.

Last one on Eaglecrest books.  I have reviewed a couple of these earlier, but if you have a child in your life these are really good books.  The photographs are clear and show real indigenous children living their lives - choosing a kitten, going to school and learning about their indigenous culture.  The stories are simple, but with enough meat that there is lots to talk about when reading the story.  We read the dog sled story and were able to relate it to our dog and what it might feel like to have your dog pull you.  The element of the hurt dog getting to ride on the sled and the younger dog getting his first chance to lead a team was also nice.
We also read the book about spear fishing.  Runa thought this was awesome.  I liked how the dad reminded the boy to put down tobacco and say thanks when he caught the fish and telling him how they should give the first fish away.  Again there was lots to talk about, would it be hard to fish with a spear and who would you give your first fish to? 

This story also got me thinking about laying out the tobacco.  We try to do it every morning to start out our days in gratitude, but given that all the food we get comes from stores, should we be laying down tobacco before we go out to get our food?  What do you think?

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