Sunday, September 6, 2015

From Chaos to Order

From Chaos to Order (Ursus Wehrli) The stuff of dreams when the mind reads chaos and renders through manipulation pure and perfect order only to be destroyed and then the ordering process begins again, etc., etc., etc. k.W.: I wanted to share this piece with you which is called "From Chaos to Order" by Ursus Wehrli. This is part of a series but this one was my favorite.  It was such a perfect encapsulation of what we are forced to do by the dominant academic and cultural pressures. 
We understand things at the lowest levels sometimes, but we are not good at understanding the more complex systems that we exist in as as humans.  We miss the wonder and knowledge of the whole.  We miss the understanding and living out of our interconnections.

This is something I have greatly appreciated as I embrace my metis side.  There is a room for the whole.  We are the whole.  We are nothing without our connections to the whole.  The whole is beautiful even if when it is messy and uncomfortable.

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