Friday, September 11, 2015

Someone keeps stealing my calms

Do you ever have those days when they go exactly opposite from where you intended?  I started the morning remembering to sit in silence for a while.  To take in my space, my place and breathe.  I took this time thinking it was putting me a bit ahead in dealing with the day.  Not that it was a bank I would need to break open immediately and spend before I ate breakfast.  So kids eh.....? 

Gustav Vigeland, woodcut:
This was me with my child this morning
This happens to me a lot and it makes me feel robbed really.  Why can't they let me be a calm benevolent parent?  But then maybe I need to try and see it from the other side?  I had a moment of peace cause I would need it today.  While I want to build up my bank and become this calmer, wiser person who could float over the pressures of the day I needed the extra just to give me the strength to keep slogging through today's floods of weird.
Nicole Eisenman, "Coping":
Nicole Eisenman, "Coping"

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