Friday, September 18, 2015

Goodness from others

Came across this site from a couple of US museums pulling together art and activities based on natural materials.  It has lessons plans and simple to follow instructions for some activities.  I really appreciated the one on how to make pine needle baskets.  I remember being taught how to do this a long time ago and not really appreciating the knowledge shared.  I would like to try this with the girls this weekend.  It also had lots of interesting looking links, although some appear to be dead.

I wrote about the “Hårnäver I made in this post and was excited to find this Iroquois and Wabanaki hat in similar design and colours.

Historic Iroquois and Wabanaki Beadwork: 19th Century Iroquois and Wabanaki Beaded Hats | Another example of an Iroquois Glengarry.
Iroquois and Wabanaki
Loved these dapper folks getting ready for fall.  It strikes me more and more that beauty is people just being who they really are.

Enjoyed this review of a new Lilly Tomlin film with a strong, gay, older female lead.

Was looking for pictures of Nanabush and came across this interesting article about outside critique of indigenous work and playing Nanabush.  In the same search I came across the Nanabush stories by artist Daphnie Odjig which have been reissued.   I am very excited to read these with Runa when they come.

Happy to see updates to the Beyond Buckskin blog and to find this list of native artists.
What treasures have you been finding?

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