Monday, September 28, 2015

In the West

Sarrita King - Waterhole:
Sarrita King - Waterhole
Still working through Wagemese's "One Story. One Song" and I really appreciated the introduction to his essays on the West of the medicine wheel as we move into the fall.

"On the medicine wheel, introspection is the "Looking within place."  Humility and trust offer many teachings, and introspection is a means of seeing how those apply to our life.  It's a place of visions.  It's a resting place where the story, the song each of us has created up to this moment can be inspected and those things deemed unnecessary be let go...introspection is meant to bring us to balance.  It is the place where all things are ordered, where all things ring true at the same time.  Balance allows us to move forward..."

I think this quote especially speaks to me as it uses a number of words that strongly resonate, the story that is in all of us and that move to balance.  In the constant striving to improve our own stories we can become immersed in the need to change.  It is important that we take time to see how far we have come, to appreciate that we can change and sometimes, I wonder, to accept that certain things won't change. 

I like the medicine wheel as it reminds me that there is a place for introspection, but that this time also passes and there will be a time for action too.  It is easy to get caught in our habits and get comfortable with following the same mind paths day after day.  The wheel allows the support of the well trod path and the encouragement to wander and make new paths.  It is all about balance.  How do you make time for introspection in you life?

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