Sunday, September 6, 2015

groundhog meditations

Groundhog's Day Craft for Prechool:
Walking to work the other morning we saw a ground hog. While they are not uncommon in the parks, this one was in the peace arch, surrounded by pavement in all directions.  Any surface route would take him across a very busy road and some directions would mean a long walk until he found some green. This got me thinking.  Did it leave home on his own terms looking for something better?  Was he lost?  Did it have a plan?  Did it know where it was coming from and could return if it wanted too?  How much was his ability to navigate confused by the urban environment?  Am I that groundhog?  Do I have the perspective in my life to know that some directions are just going to take me over a lot of pavement and not provide much nourishment?  Am I even conscious of leaving home sometimes?  Do I bring what I need?  Do I even know that I am what I am with all the limitations and options that gives me?  Or am I hiding under a planter wondering how my life went wrong as morning commuters try to take my picture?

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