Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Nanabush and the Pumpkin

We completed our Nanabush story last night so here it is for your pleasure.  I am still thinking through the story medicine of this one.  The story is all Runa, with a little help from me to reduce run on sentences.
Nanabush and the Pumpkin. 
On a bright sunny day, he goes to choose a pumpkin, but he sees one that is very big and already has a face on it.

Suddenly Nanabush realized the pumpkin has arms and legs.  The pumpkin floats up to become the moon.

Then Nanabush yells at the moon, "you come down you silly pumpkin"

The pumpkin refuses and scared everyone in the town by coming down as a person saying "Croook, craaaak, clloooook" knocking over kookums and mooshums
So Nanabush comes and he says "poocon, go back to the pumpkin patch" and makes a ferocious face.

So, the pumpkin runs away to the pumpkin patch and is never seen again and that is why we have Halloween.

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