Thursday, November 19, 2015

ᒪᐦᐃᐦᑲᐣ (mahihkan) wolf

Runa's wolf vamp is coming together quickly.  I quite like doing the animals in beads.  I need to point his ears a bit more and finish his leg before I turn my mind towards adding in the medicine wheel elements that she wants.  I am planning to do winter with snowflakes and fall with leaves for this vamp.  I used some larger beads in parts to give him more texture.  It is always a little daunting beading something that is in somebody else's mind.  She wants a cat for the other vamp.  Not quite sure how to get that to align with the wolf.

I have been enjoying the blog I found from Half Breed Reasoning.  A lot of what she says is really resonating for me.  I have been thinking about her article on finishing school and carrying not only her expectations, but the expectations of her people.  That is a serious burden to add to an already hard process of getting yourself established in a career.  I really appreciate that she is sharing her experiences. 

I have been invited to a woman's drumming circle this evening.  I am going to try and take Sophie with me. 

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