Monday, November 16, 2015

Making things - leather and beads

Took a couple of days of work last week and worked on the house and my own projects.  One of these was the completion of this blue/grey top and the other a leather necklace.  I really liked how the pearl matched with the feeling of the leather.  I just added the pendant part to another necklace and I like how they played off of each other.  It is so good to make something real.  I am continuing to work on the wolf for Runa's moccasins.  She has also asked to have the four seasons represented so I am considerning of different ways to do this.  I am thinking about two directions on each vamp.  Has anyone tried something like that?  It is interesting how clear an idea she has of what she wants, it is just trying to translate that vision that is sometimes imperfect.  But that is life right?

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