Tuesday, November 10, 2015


It is a funny week with a break for Remembrance Day in the middle.  Lots of folks to remember in the family.  Norman Dale my grandfather was in the forestry corps in WW2 where he met my grandmother who came to Canada as a war bride

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James Brady and Anthony Brady via Glenbow
James Brady, my great uncle was initially not allowed into the army as a communist.  Eventually after fighting this ruling he was allowed to serve in 1943.  His younger brother, my grandfather also joined.  Joel's grandfather was a veterinarian in WW2 with responsibilities for food safety for soldiers.

Then if we go back, and depending on the war there are lots who served in India, in the Jacobean rebellion, with Louie Riel, and in the Indian wars on both sides of the border.  My step-father was also a veteran who was very damaged by his time serving.  Both men and women who put themselves in danger to do what they thought was right.  Many thanks to our ancestors.

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