Thursday, April 16, 2015


Hey hey (expression denoting pleasure at seeing someone).  More circles today.  I am feeling the circles these days.  Last year at the park somebody left some toys.  This encouraged others to bring things.  This encouraged us to bring our playhouse which has encouraged others.  The circle is strong and it is wonderful to see kids playing and enjoying something my children were no longer interested in.  I am really glad to be part of that circle.  Part of building community.

At the same time this has made me think about when the circle gets going in the other direction, where we cycle down into something unhealthy feeding on each other.  I am always adding to what is going on.  It could be positive or negative or neutral, but I am part of the story.  I have been thinking about where I fit in these circles.  What circles are you in right now and what direction are they going in?
Cassie Stephens: In the Art Room: Circle Loom Weaving with Second Grade
Picture from Cassie Stephan's Blog  this would be a great activity with the children while doing a conversation about circles.

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