Monday, April 20, 2015

Timely differences

Runa keeps counting time differently than me.  I thought that difference was just her being young and not understanding how the whole thing works, but this morning it hit me, she sees time in a different way.  For me, counting the days of school until our trip I would include today.  I have to live through today.  I anticipate all its challenges.  It is not done until I am back in my bed at night.  Runa sees today as lived already.  She is awake and experiencing it. 
I have been working on decolonizing time for our family, but I had been looking on the larger scale of "our lives" and "our ancestors".  I guess I should have realized that the day and the life are not really that different but I had not got there yet.  It has left me thinking about why I would approach my days that way and how I would change that for myself.  I love the fluidity of having children and moving from teacher to student.  What are you seeing in a new light right now?

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