Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gangsta in a Sundress

After a series of texts with Joel yesterday in which he called me "a gangsta in a sundress" I was inspired

gangster in a sundress
my heart is with the angry boys
while I'm sitten in a meeting
planning out some futures
thinken bout my buffalos
while nodden with the man
agreeing to their visions
while thinken bout Eminem
is he finding religion?
where does that leave us?

gangster in a sundress
"thinken bout the government"
sitten in the government
wondering where I fit
wondering where we fit
angry with my boys
I wanna be a feminist
but the boys they hold my heart
sellen out my own kind
while grooving on my dissonance
a sorta inner joke

Tried to google gangsta in a sundress and don't get any.  Maybe there is a new trend to be started.  What dissonances tickle your fancy these days?

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